Reiki Courses

Jill has been teaching Reiki to individuals and groups since 2014.

Reiki Level I

chakrasA special workshop about the Reiki energy, how to use it for your own spiritual development and self-healing.  We will look at the history and theory, meditate with the chakras, and there will be four ceremonies to attune you to the Reiki energy.  You will learn how to give a simple hands-on healing treatment for others, and a self-treatment for yourself.

The course is for 4 x 2 hour sessions over 2-4 days, so a total of 8 hours.



Reiki Level II

In the second level of Reiki the universal healing energy that you are  connected with will be increased as you are shown the 3 sacred Reiki symbols.  The use of the symbols will be explained, you will do guided meditations with each them, and we will practice distance healing.  There will be a ceremony to attune you to the Reiki energy at this level.

This course is also 4 x 2 hour sessions over 2-4 days, a total of 8 hours.

Mikao Usui, who discovered Reiki.

Reiki Master Level

If you feel inspired to become a Reiki Master please contact me so we can discuss where you are in your Reiki journey and if you are ready for the next step.