Tarot Course

imagesCAOP4WNT In this workshop you will journey through the tarot with Jill as she reveals the spiritual messages of the 78 cards.  You will learn their secrets and stories, as well as how to use the tarot in an ethical way as a healing tool for yourself and others.

 Jill has been initiating people into using the Tarot since 2005.  She has written a detailed course manual that you will receive for your reference.  Classes work well in sessions of 2 hours over 3-5 days.

 Course includes:

  • The 22 cards of the Major Arcana and the 4 groups of the Minor Arcana.
  • How to open and close a reading, practicing different spreads.
  • Ethical tarot reading to give healing guidance.
  • Asking suitable questions and understanding the messages of the cards.