“Gentle and reassuring, a wonderful experience.”

Intuitive Massage Treatment

 I’ve had many massage treatments but this one with Jill was  special.  During the last part of the massage I was in a state of such relaxation that I felt I experienced another dimension, it was really something else.
Tom, UK

 A very balancing massage, every part of my body was given attention, it felt like an Osteopathy treatment.  Thank you for recommending it to me.
Angela, Germany

 An excellent massage, one of the best I’ve ever had.  Jill has skilled healing hands.
Claudia, Spain

Crystal Healing Massage Journey

 I was amazed by how grounded I felt after the session, I felt totally reconnected with my body.  I experienced some very beautiful feelings during the treatment, a profound depth opened up inside me when Jill worked on my heart centre.  The crystal she used on my third eye totally cleared my mind, and I felt very comforted when she worked on a sensitive area of my back.  Overall a very peaceful and calming effect.
Diana, Switzerland

I was feeling so much pressure inside of me, thanks to Jill it is all gone, I feel empty, light and relaxed.
Olga, Russia

Retention Relief Massage Treatment

My digestive system had been stuck for 4 days. The abdominal massage with Jill released everything, it was a big relief.
Jana, Sweden

I struggle with bloating and fluid retention. The treatment with Jill reduced these symptoms so I could feel more comfortable in my body.
Maria, Brazil

Reiki Healing (Emotional Detox)

 It was my first experience with Reiki.  The treatment took me very deep, it was quite amazing.  I was having a stressful time before coming here, and this treatment  helped me to let go of all that pressure.  I felt a big release of emotion and then much more at peace.  Now I am interested in learning Reiki for myself.
Sophie, France

 Jill’s hands became so hot during the treatment, I could really feel the energy flowing into my body.  Sometimes I was sleeping.  Very relaxed afterwards.
Elizaveta, Russia

I get so busy with work that sometimes I find it hard to relax.  Having a Reiki healing with Jill was a big relief.  I could feel reassuring, calming waves coming into me, and I could see different colours.  Thank you Jill.
Miki, Japan

Crystal Chakra Balancing

The session was really amazing, I slept so deeply last night afterwards and woke up so refreshed. I feel more at peace with allowing things to be. It’s a very positive feeling.
Jess, Holland

Before the healing session I was very stressed about work.  After the treatment I could not have felt more different, there was a big smile on my face, I felt relaxed, refreshed and happy.  I recommend Color & Crystal Healing with Jill to anyone, it is a very special experience.
Connie, USA

Therapeutic Tarot Card Reading

The reading has given me a framework to understand and move forward productively with thoughts and feelings.  I found the reading helpful and found Jill’s way of doing it, her interpretations, links and manner, supportive and insightful.
Emma, UK

I was feeling confused and overwhelmed by some changes coming in my life.  The reading really helped me to put things into perspective and now I feel much more positive about whatever lies ahead.  I got so much more than I was expecting from this lovely experience with Jill.
Heike, Germany

Jill is a gentle and compassionate soul and tarot reader.  In her session she highlighted very accurately all of my present issues and influences affecting my life.  Her connection with the cards is beautiful as she provides honest and clear advice on how to work with certain situations and best ways to move forward.  I would certainly recommend a reading with Jill to gain clear insight into your inner self, outer world and any challenges you may be facing. Thank you Jill for the clarity and your loving energy.
Grace, Australia

Children’s Healing and Massage Combo

My son (5 yrs) loved his treatment with Jill. During the day he told me a few times ‘Mummy, I feel so calm.’ It had a really positive effect on him.
Sylvie, Belgium

Jill gave us the big gift of an undisturbed night! Our daughter (6 yrs) hadn’t been sleeping well for some time, but after her treatment with Jill she went through the night. It was so great.
Alex, Austria

Our daughter had been very stressed for her 11+ exams and then disappointed that she didn’t get the results she had been hoping for. After two sessions with Jill she has a much more healthy perspective and is positive and relaxed so she can fully enjoy the holiday. Thank you Jill!
Delphine, France

Reiki Course

I want to thank you so much for the time and care in which you shared your knowledge of Reiki with me. You are a natural teacher and gave me a wonderful learning experience that I am honored to have been a part of.
Deepak, India

All the magic of the world is growing more and more in my heart and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the guidance that you have showed me. Even now I can feel in my heart the powerful way that you pointed me towards the light. I send you love and blessings from the bottom of my heart and I am so grateful to have had a teacher as magical, amazing and full of love as you.
Phil, USA

Tarot Reading Course 

Meeting Jill was one of the wonderful and unforgettable gifts I received in India. Her sensibility while transmitting her knowledge and reading the cards is so special.
Renata, Brazil

I studied tarot with Jill and loved the experience. Jill is a wonderful woman; very intuitive, wise, kind and connected to the energy of the tarot.  Jill is also an excellent and patient teacher – as well as teaching me how to interpret the cards and various types of spreads, Jill also advised how to be sensitive to those receiving the readings, and how to respect the nature of the tarot.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jill for both readings and teaching.
Jodie, UK

Thank you very much for the teaching and everything. It was a really good experience for me and I learned a lot. I feel it made my visit here powerful and meaningful.
Ella, Israel